Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

“One must always be careful of books," said Tessa, "and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us."


Mariah Rose

8/16/2021 2 min read

Alright, I'm just gonna sit down and write this out now because otherwise I never will.

This was a return to the Shadow World in a different time. We're thrust back to Victorian London, a few years after the first Accords were signed and meet a girl named Tessa, who has come from New York in search for her brother. She gets thrown in with Shadowhunters and Downworlders and finds that the world wasn't what she thought it was and that
she's not what she thought she was.

This would be all very well and good if IF it wasn't virtually the same plot as City of Bones.

-Teenaged Girl from New York in search of missing family member.
-Girl finds out she's not quite human.
-Girl gets thrown in with Shadowhunters at the local Institute.
-Girl thinks the hot Shadowhunter Boy is a jerk.
-There's a love triangle except not really because it's crystal clear which Boy she actually wants.
-Tortured Shadowhunter Boy with #Reasons to be the jerk he is has a Parabatai that puts up with his crap.
-Big nasty plot to destroy the world as we know it has Girl's Hidden Unique Abilities TM at its center.

Don't get me wrong. I enjoyed this well enough. But come on. It's the same story with a few details tweaked.

Now there are a few things to be said about the world Clare has built. I think it's definitely important to have read the original TMI trilogy to be able to catch all these little references the author has sprinkled in here, and ther are A LOT. Shadowhunter family names, devices, customs, event foreshadowing, errrrthing. That part was actually pretty fun.

However, I find that the constrictions of the 19th century diminished my enjoyment of this a bit. While the humor was still here and Will Herondale was right up my alley of Messed-Up-Sarcastic-Shits-Who-Aren't-Actually-Jerks-Because-You-Can-Tell-They've-Had-Some-Serious-Traumatizing-Events-Happen-To-Them-Even-If-You-Don't-Know-What-Those-Are-Yet characters because he's virtually Jace. Even more so when you take into account (view spoiler).

I liked this book. I liked the characters. I'm interested in the story. I still love this world. Maybe it's the lack of nostalgia glasses, this having been my first time reading this book, almost a decade after it was published.

A big YES for me in this was Will and Jem's friendship though. I'm a sucker for best friend stories and even more so when they're both broken but somehow fit together