The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

“The more I bruise the page the quicker something inside me heals”


Mariah Rose

8/7/2021 1 min read

“The world is almost peaceful when you stop trying to understand it.”

As a latina born to a catholic family who realized pretty early on she was an atheist.

As an ally born in a country where people toss around the words “f*
gg*t” and “d*ke” like they’re not deeply offensive.

As a woman born in a country who just elected a president that said in multiple debates that he believes women should earn less than men because they’ll eventually get pregnant and have to take time off their jobs.

As a daughter born to a father who tells me sexism is dead but buys me a new pepper spray keychain every year.

As a future lawyer who’s witnessed multiple female judges be disrespected in their own courtrooms in ways their male peers would never have been.

This book was a gunshot to the heart.

Xiomara’s story is one intimately familiar and yet brand new.
The author brings her book to life in the audiobook in a way I can’t imagine anyone else doing.

This is art.

“I only know that learning to believe in the power of my own words has been the most freeing experience of my life. It has brought me the most light. And isn't that what a poem is? A lantern glowing in the dark.”